Our Services

Duncan Technologies  provides following services:

Consulting, Research, planning, basic and detailed design, materials and equipment procurement, construction, operation and maintenance services for various plant and facilities and technology development services.

Telecom systems integrator

Using a systems integrator, a company can align cheaper, pre-configured components and off-the-shelf software to meet key business goals, as opposed to more expensive, customized implementations that may require original programming or manufacture of unique components.

Industrial and Robotics

Duncan Technologies operates in domestic and international markets. The high expertise allows Duncan Technologies to integrate Customers organizations in the engineering, supply, assembly and commissioning services applied to industrial plants, as well as system turnaround and maintenance process management throughout the life of a system.

Electronics and Automation

Duncan Technologies combine the necessary expertise in electronics, mechanical, software and system design to turn a concept instrument or device into reality. In the process of designing new systems we have developed a high level of capability

Oil, Gas and chemicals

Oil, Gas and chemicals Duncan Technologies is among the most active and skilled operators Oil & Gas industry, with over 20 years operating successfully on the field. Due to remarkable expertise Duncan Technologies can cover a broad range of services in a reliable way, not to mention complying with the strictest quality and safety requirements and, not last, respecting the environment.


We are world leading providers of transparency systems and electrical wiring interconnections systems. We design and develop a range of advanced systems and products for aerospace, marine and commercial applications. Lightweight flexible fuel tanks and buoyancy devices for our global aerospace customers in air, land and sea applications and landing gear for commercial platforms.

Our Skills

Duncan Technologies team's Skills

We have an extensive capacity for development and engineering as well as the ability to innovate due to our cross field of highly specialized engineers and broad industry knowledge. Our engineers cover the range from mechanical design and product development to automation and electrical design, which ensures the right competences and the proper knowledge to accelerate your development process.

Product development & prototyping
System Integrator Program